Friday, November 1, 2013

Make money just for being happy!

I've learned that it's very important for what it is that you are aiming for in your life. We all seem to strive for the outward things or "material things" for our happiness. If I had this or that or a better "job", then that would make me happy!

But, I have learned that this just isn't so! I read something interesting online not so long ago about this fact. Someone had mentioned that if you were hungry, that you wouldn't tape sandwiches all over your body to make you full, right? That's the same as going for outward things to make us happy, when happiness really comes from within.

And to have the happiness, you have to believe that God is our father and is able to bless us in every way possible in our lives. God has great riches, and he wants to bless us with it. Focusing on lack brings more lack, but believing that we can live abundant bountiful lives means that we need to not contradict ourselves and think of the lack, but to think of Abundance!

Live with the thought in mind, that I have a rich father in Heaven who blesses me and takes care of me, and that should reflect in our lives and the decisions that we make. If you believe it, we should be able to act out that belief.


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Chad Sutherland