Friday, November 15, 2013

Honesty and humility

Final Word from andy baggot dreams pg 124-125

Honesty and humility

If you understand and put into action the lessons contained within this book, you will be well on the path to happiness, health, and fulfillment. You must never become complacent, for the moment you do, you will lose the dream. You must remain humble and honest at all times, both toward yourself and toward those you meet. In Mexico they say that the people who hurt you the most are your soulmates. This is because they teach you the most. Remember that a comfortable life leads to stagnation. Never believe that you have "made it", because the only time you will truly have made it is when you leave this planet.

Our worst fault is our preoccupation with the faults of others. Look forever within yourself. The answers to all your questions and the solutions to all your problems lie within you. You already know everything you need to know; you have simply forgotten how to bring it to your conscious mind. This is why exploring the land of your dreams is so important. It gives you access to truth and understanding. By truly understanding yourself, you will understand the world around you. If you are forever criticizing or finding fault with others, you are only drawing attention away from your own shortcomings. Look within and resolve to change your weaknesses into strengths, and you will never need to find fault with others. We are all human and none of us is perfect. No one is better or worse than you - that person is just different.

A serious choice

If you choose to embrace the truths within this book, you should do it for yourself, and by yourself, seeking nothing in return except happiness, health, and fulfillment. Understand that deciding to follow this path may well be the most life-changing decision you have ever made. Do not let others tell you that you cannot have the life of your dreams. They may tell you that you are living an illusion, but in fact it is they who are deluded. It is your right and your destiny-embrace it.

MY Thoughts:

I definitely need to be reminded of this, since I often find myself annoyed at the actions of others, when I  should really be focused on fixing me! Remember to focus on what you can do to focus on fixing you, and not focusing on what is wrong with other people.

Have a blessed day!

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