Friday, November 22, 2013

Left brain, right brain

Andy Baggot Dreams book pg 41


The following exercise is designed to help you integrate the two sides of your brain. Find a quite room, where you know that you will not be disturbed, and lie or sit comfortably with your eyes closed. Say the following in your head, "I want to communicate with my left brain." If your mind is full of thoughts such as "Am I doing this correctly?" or "This is strange, and stronger.," then you are listening to the chatter of your left brain. Ask it to be quiet, then tell it the following: "You are a very important part of my being and I am grateful that you have served me well thus far in my life. I would like you to understand that you are not fulfilling your true potential, and I would like to help you to become better, wiser, and stronger."

Next, say in your head, "I want to communicate with my right brain." Then say to your right brain, "I thank you for guiding me thus far in my life and I would like you to fulfill your true potential by becoming stronger and an equal part of my consciousness."

Now visualize a strand of pure energy connecting your left and right brain. Mentally introduce them to each other and tell them, "you are both vital parts of my being. If you work together and cooperate, we can achieve great things." Finally, bring your awareness back to the room, take a couple of deep breaths, and open your eyes.

My Thoughts:

I've tried this and I love it. I've had some really fun interesting dreams just by telling my mind commands. try it, it's fun....

Chad Sutherland