Friday, September 6, 2013

The Law of attraction part 2

I am on a journey of "mind".. I want to make the most of my time here on Earth...So to make the best, it should be one that encompasses all area's of your life IE wealth, health & happiness..I'm not here to sell anything or to get you to join anything, but I do want to share my journey with you..

I want to live a life of pure joy..I've been inspired by God's word and the law of attraction..I believe that words are important, so use them carefully, and when you do use them, make them positive, and if you notice that you are using less than positive verbage in your thoughts or when you are speaking, make sure to replace those thoughts with something positve..

Some people change their words and feel like it is a "lie", it will feel that way at first, but overtime you will belive it! Do a mantra in your head about things that bring you joy! Make a song out of it, and sing it in your mind! And only focus only on these thoughts, and then begin to watch miracles happen in your life..

Life doesn't have to be complicated, our God wants us to have an abundant life, and we can by our thoughts.

Remember God's words says "As a man thinketh, so is he."

Faith + action = miracles!  Remember this formula, it's very important, The lord said that if you have "faith" the size of a mustard seed, that you can move mountains! What do you think we are capable of doing if we had even more faith than a mustard seed!?

Remember: Think of something you want out of life, belive you can have, take action and then watch the results of your faith! because faith without works is dead, as the writer in James says..

Don't worry about how things will come about for you in your life, Just focus on the end outcome, use positive thinking, then you will be inspired by an action to take that will get you the end results that you so desire..

Use positve words even when you don't feel so positve...I like to listen to classical music, I listen to positive sublimanal messages with music at night so that can seep into my conscience and help rid me of any negativity that I may have within me..

Also remember that it's important to "lay up treasure in heaven" which is the most important thing here.."Do this and these things shall be added up to you"..There is a spiritual lesson here...

I say follow the guidelines of God's word, follow advice that helps you stay in that positive attitude and abundant lifesytle that you desire...

Good luck and God bless...

Do a kind deed today to someone :)

Chad Sutherland