Saturday, September 28, 2013

Heaven and Earth

I had a dream that I was going thru a line that ended at a turnstyle. To get through, you had to put in some coins. I put in some silver coins and I went inside and continued thru the line. I looked across from me and saw a girl with a shaven head and tattoos on her face, one tattoo was big and it was the star of David. I looked on a website for the meaning, and found this:

Star Of David

To see the Star Of David in your dream represents the merging power of love and creativity. It also signifies the union of heaven and earth.

I'm glad to see this interpretation, although keeping in mind that true interpretation is from God, also knowing that this interpretation came from study and research.

I like to think of myself merging in this direction. To have a union of Heaven and earth, love & creativity. This is actually something I aim for, to make Heaven on Earth! Peace among men! Peace to all!

Keep searching, keep loving!

Chad Sutherland

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