Saturday, September 14, 2013

How to be happy all the time! Work from home!

Would you like to be happy all the time? We all just want to be happy, right? I think there is a way to make happiness much eaiser for us..Since I've watched Louise Hay's "you can heal your life" I have been much happier in my life..I am a bible student, and I'm also a student of "the law of attraction"..and I've finally realized that the thoughts we think are sent to the subconcious mind, and then acted out thru the body..So the things or "thoughts" that we feed  our minds while awake should be monitored very closely.

We send our subconcious negative feedback, and we don't even realize it most often. The concious and subconcious mind is like an iceberg, where the part under water represents the subconcious mind. How do we change or trick the subconcious into thinking more positive thoughts? That was the question to myself..

I realize that saying "affermations" to yourself in the mirror and or wherever you happen to be is very important to conquer the negativity of our subconcious minds. We need to tell ourselves we love ourselves and respect ourselves etc...choose things positive to feed into your subconcious mind, say them even if you are not in the greatest mood. If you have a negative thought, replace it with a good one. Repeat healthy positive phrases to yourself all day long, and at night when you sleep, it will be fed into the subconcious and will make a magical change within your soul, and you will see the landscape of your life begin to change for you.

I hear that when you start this that things may become worse for awhile, and that's ok, it's only because the scenery is chaning. Whatever you do, keep being positve and keep telling yourself loving nurturing thoughts.

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Be Happy! and God bless!

Chad Sutherland