Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How to be happy!

Do you want to change it all around? You can! Just follow some simple steps:

1) Have gratitude for what you have each day, especially before going to bed.
2) Read positive material
3) Listen to something positive ie; Calming sublimnal messages, something that  makes you feel good, so that these positive messages can break down any negativity that you have within yourself that you might not be aware of. This works best if you are sleeping, since you will not be conciously thinking.
4) Saying loving things to yourself in the mirror, and think loving thoughts to yourself throughout your day. If you feel a bad vibe, this is the best time to start telling yourself loving things. ie; I am a good loving person, I am wealthy, healthy, wise and happy, and I love myself!

I've learned that along with these steps, that it is very important to make a list of "core values" Something that represents who you are. Make a list of what you think, and make a list of what others think of you, ie; loyal, strong minded, funny, respectful, good friend, good christian etc...

Then stay true to these "core values". Try this for 30 days and see what happens. I've done it, and it has really changed the landscape of my future.

I'm part of a company that allows you to show gratitude towards others, that I really enjoy doing. I feel good doing it, and it will make a positive difference in your and somebody else's lives...

I've been inspired by "law of attraction"
Louis Hay movie "you can heal your life"
God's inspired word.

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Thank you for reading! Enjoy good thoughts! Life is meant to be abundant...
as you love yourself, you will love others, and it will show on your face, and your life WILL turn around! Take care and be blessed!

Chad Sutherland