Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dream blog

Since my lucid dream a few days ago, I have not been able to recall my dreams for some reason. I know with lucid dreaming, that you to be able to do so, you need to be writing them down everyday. Then you will be able to have a better recall of your dreams. It's good to have a  pen and paper by your bed, just so that you are ready to start writing, or nowadays, you could just have your computer or tablet etc ready to start typing or writing. The more you write, the more you can recall. Then after a while, this will lead to lucid dreaming. I know from my own experiences with this.

When you first start writing, you might just remember one sentence. Go ahead and write that down, and watch each day as your recall will grow. Some tricks to lucid dream are: telling yourself once an hour or more seriously, if I am now in a dream or if i am awake? answer this seriously and honestly, the answer is either, no I'm not in a dream, or yes I am in a dream. If something is happening in your dream is unusal and you find yourself asking "is this a dream" and you answer "yes", it has to be, because none of this makes sense. At this point you can take advantage of it, and walk up to dream figures and start talking to them and gain some kind of insight from them. It's very neat and interesting.

Having accomplished this, you can try and go for the "OBE" out of body. This one has been a little more difficult for me. I've done this twice by accident. It's where you lay completely still in bed, and allow your body to fall asleep while keeping your mind awake, and then you can just lift up and out. I did this one night, and I found myself on the ceiling all of a sudden. I was unable to move about, which was unfortunate. I was wondering if I was dead or just out of body. I became scared and said "Lord, I'm scared. Please let me go  back into my body" Seconds later I was back in my body.

It's nice to keep a dream journal, but there are some things you will not want to write of course, either because they are too bazarre and to afraid you will die and have someone else find and read them or worse, someone read it while you are living.

Chad Sutherland ~ sendoutcards MD