Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The dream I woke up from this morning, and the promise of abundance. online business from home!

I had an interesting dream this morning, I was with a couple friends that I haven't seen in twenty years. We were outside in a rocky wilderness, they were standing and I was sitting or laying on the ground. I saw a bunch of people in swim suits standing on the edge of a cliff, and then they all started jumping at the same time, and I heard people yelling ooooooooooooooooooo. I figured they must be jumping into some water and not killing themselves.

Another dream followed: I was driving down the road, on both sides of the road their were large piles of french fries and a dead body. A car was driving slow in front of me, so they can rubber neck and look at them. I drove around them, and drove over some large piles of french fries. There was a guy standing on top of a light post that strecthed out over the street.

I've concluded that since I've been using law of attraction, that i've been eliminating the negative voices that are in my mind, and that was what was dying in my mind, "the negative voices".

I also had what you call a "lucid" dream. I was walking around in a large crowded area, and I was looking for my car. I saw my car pull into a drivethru, when i walked over to it, it was gone. It was at that  point, I realized that I was in a dream and that I can do whatever I wanted to! of course, the first thing I do, is walk over and kiss a girl I see holding a conversation with another lady.

But I have a dream that is "Real" a dream of abundance and happiness, health and wealth :) please take a look at my sight and the opportunity that it presents to you! Peace and love to you!


Chad Sutherland