Saturday, October 12, 2013

Transform your life

Dreams transform your life the power of your dreams (p.94) Andy Baggott..

I bought this from  a bookstore in Murphy's CA years ago, and I really just picked it up and started reading all the pearls of wisdom that it has in here! It's not just dream definaitions, but some wise words to help you through life! Have a read..

Keeping faith with your dream...

Like everything in life, your unfolding dream runs in cycles. There will be times when the path is easy and other times when the path is hard, but s long as you keep walking along the path you will achieve your dream.


A life that is easy all the time is a boring life that leads to stagnation and unhappiness. Life needs to be challenging at times, because it is precisely those challenges that teach and epower us most. Life only becomes hard when you try to avoid or ignore those challenges.
Every obstacle you meet in life represents a challenge for you to overcome and in the process become wiser and stronger. There is no hurdle that cannot be surmounted, although sometimes you need to learn patience before obstacles can truly be mastered. The greatest obstacles in life will comem not from other people, but from within yourself. If you look for the positive in everything, life will become easier for you. If you always look on the dark side, your life will be beset by endless trials and tribulations.


Someone who is traveling with two heavy suitcases and a large knapsack is inevitably going to find any jouney much harder than someone who has no baggage. The same is true on the path toward your dreams. If you hold on to the pst you will be carrying a lot of emotional baggage, which will make the going tough and some obstacles insurmountable. To be empowered on your path you have to let go of all this baggage. This means releasing all your hurt, pain, anger, resentment, and jealousy, for it is of no importance  to you anyway. All the time you hold  on to it you hold on to unhapiness. Let it go and you will feel lighter and brighter, and a lot closer to your dream.

I wanted to share this inspiring passage with. Hope it finds you well!

Chad Sutherland